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Stock Research And Market To Be Affected Big Time Post November Election
Stock research normally tells us that pick the right stocks and it really doesn?t matter what the market does. When you survey history however, this seemingly true statement turns out not to be the case. You can have all the stock research in the world, but if the market goes against you, it doesn?t matter.

Iranian, Muslim, Arab-American Comedians Join Forces for One Night of Politically Charged Stand-up Comedy on Sunday, March 4 in New York City
Can an Iranian be funny? Can a Muslim tell a joke? Can an Arab make you laugh? Find out at this edgy stand up comedy show featuring many of the comedians from Comedy Central's "The Watch List".

Obama's Candidacy May Force Hillary to Accept VP Role, Says Writer
Writer C. D. Jewell says that liberal Senator Barack Obama's dramatic entry in the race for the Democratic nomination may mean Hillary Clinton could be forced to accept second place on the 2008 ticket.

Israeli Border Guard Volunteers Open "Lone Soldier House" in Preparation for Upcoming War
Israeli volunteer Border Guard soldiers open "Lone Soldier House" in preparation for impending war with Syria & Iran. The "Lone Soldier House" will serve as a re-acclimation center for Border Guard soldiers returning form combat zones in what security experts predict will break out in the spring/summer of 2007.

Crescent Systems Announces Election of New Director, Mary Elworth
Crescent Systems LLC an electronic bill presentment and payment provider with headquarters in Council Bluffs, Iowa announces the election of Mary Elworth to its Board of Directors.

US Army Captain Founds Charity to Aid Iraqi Families

Dayton, Ohio (PRWeb) November 28, 2006 -- US Army Captain William Perrich has founded a charity, Help Iraqi Families (, to aid Iraqi families and children.

A 1998 political science graduate of American University in Wash. DC, Capt. Perrich served 4 years of his ROTC commitment after graduation, including a combat tour in Kosovo. In 2005, after three years as a civilian and General Manager of a Home Depot store, he was called back into the Army to serve as a Civil Affairs Officer in Southern Baghdad.

Arriving in Baghdad in May 2006, he found urgent needs for basic humanitarian aid. He immediately began to address those needs through official and unofficial means.

He called upon his family in the US to set up a 501c3 charity,, to collect humanitarian aid. Through this charity, Captain Perrich has received and distributed:

? Medical supplies sent from doctor?s offices
? School supplies collected and sent from US schools
? Clothing provided by thrift shops
? Used sports equipment and toys

Fred Engh, President of the National Association of Youth Sports said, ?We are very pleased to support Capt. Perrich and Iraqi youth through our Global Gear Drive Program, which collects and distributes used sports equipment throughout the world. His efforts are exactly what are needed to build communities through sports programs.?

Beverly Peyton, President of Blue Star Mothers, Miami Valley Chapter #3, supports Capt. Perrich by sending packages and supplies for soldiers and civilians. ?It is so important to show our troops that we care about them and their safety. This is a win-win situation for our soldiers and needy Iraqi families. We are honored to be able to help Capt. Perrich and his soldiers.?

Capt. Perrich?s summarized his efforts in a recent letter to a donor, ?We deeply appreciate your help in our mission to relieve suffering, build a sovereign government, and help the children of Iraq live thru this savage period of history.? He further pointed out, ?Iraqi families are very grateful to receive help from American citizens. It shows we care. The goodwill this creates is priceless.?

Capt. Perrich is in the US on R&R until Dec. 8th and readily available for interviews. Thereafter, he can be interviewed by phone in Baghdad.

Dr. Jerry Perrich



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