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National Election Data Archive Supports Election Reform But Recommends Changes to Senate Election Reform Proposal
The purpose of the "Ballot Integrity Act of 2007" (S1487) is "to amend the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to require an individual, durable, voter-verified paper record under title III of such Act, and for other purposes." The National Election Data Archive is recommending improvements to the act's election audit provisions and other procedures necessary to verify the accuracy of election results. The "Ballot Integrity Act of 2007" (S1487) is sponsored by Senator Dianne Feinstein. Its co-sponsors include three presidential candidates, Senators Clinton, Dodd, and Obama.

The Bill Clinton Neuron And The Sweat Neuron
In the world of science, there is excited speculation about recent discoveries of individual neurons in the brain, with striking capabilities. They had discovered a neuron, which fired on recognition of just one special face.

Obama Kicks Off Community Campaign in Both Real and Virtual World
Barack Obama is a candidate for the President of the United States from Illinois. Second Life is a virtual world created by Linden Labs with over 4.5 million inhabitants.

Turbonetics CEO, Joe Hige, Nominated for Election to SEMA's Board of Directors
Joe Hige, CEO of Turbonetics Inc., the Simi Valley, California based manufacturer of high performance forced induction systems to run for SEMA's board of directors

Anglo-Israelism and the Flesh
Recently a friend insisted that I read a book by Steven M.Collins, titled The "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel.

Gold Star Siblings, Becomes Incorporated in the State of Indiana

Loogootee, IN (PRWEB) February 21, 2006 -- Gold Star Siblings Indiana Chapter #1 has officially become Incorporated. We are the first, Gold Star Sibling Organization to become Incorporated. We are affiliated with no other Gold Star Organization.

The First, Gold Star Siblings Indiana Chapter # 1, Inc., has become a reality. Indiana was awarded the honor of becoming the first state to become an Incorporated Siblings Organization. Karen Hickman, who has for years been trying to get some kind of Organization for Siblings of brothers or sisters who might have lost a Sibling in a War, started, has finally made this group Incorporated. Karen Hickman, lost her brother, CPL. Thomas Steven Hickman in Vietnam on August 26, 1970. She remember what it was like going through losing a brother to a war, and having to be strong for the parents and other siblings, she never really got to grieve. Now, with this group, possibly she can help another sibling, who may need someone who has been through it. Karen, would have liked to have gone National, with this Organization but she stated, "I was told, Congress is just not giving out Charters, like they use to." "So as of now i decided to go State."

You can view the Constitution and Bylaws at the website. Also, if you would like to start a Chapter, in your state, you can find out how at the website or email Karen Hickman.




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