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Working In Iraq: Is It For You?
The US Army Corp of Engineers and numerous private companies are still looking for people to help rebuild Iraq's infrastructure. In fact, one Web site reports that there are currently 60,000 jobs available in Iraq for US citizens.

Ahlmedia - Provider of Multimedia Services - Relocates Headquarters Within Fort Wayne, Indiana
Ahlmedia announces that they have transferred from previous location of 15 years to a new facility in order to better serve its clientŤle. Move offers better accessibility to Fort Wayne clients while expanding capacity to meet national multimedia service needs, such as CD and DVD duplication / replication, video production, and web streaming videos.

From "Wild Thing" to Angry Man to Release Iraq War Protest Song
Pete Staples of 60's mega-band The Troggs releases an Iraqi war protest song.

Fossil Collecting Disaster In Indiana
When fossil collecting, road cuts can hold many treasures for fossil hunters. But fossil hunters BEWARE! Those cuts hold something more: varmints that will hang on to your skin long after you?ve taken your fossil treasures home.

Baldwin County Democrats Open Qualifying
The Baldwin County Democratic Party will open candidate qualifying on March 8 at 9:00 a.m., and will close qualifying on April 2 at 5:00 p.m. The fee for qualifying is set at 2% of the annual salary plus supplements.

Kids PACE Express Appoints Indiana Showcase Club

Trabuco Canyon, CA (PRWeb) November 20, 2006 -- Pro*Fit Enterprises, manufacturers of Kids PACE Express hydraulic exercise equipment for kids, announced today the appointment of GENESIS, A New Beginning in Fitness, 1211 N. Madison Ave, Greenwood, IN as a National Showcase Site for it's unique new line of equipment as well as the first club in Indiana to offer this program.

Rande LaDue, President of Pro*Fit said "Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions with factors such as fast food, computers, TV, video games, etc. all contributing to the problem. Over 40% of our children are overweight and almost 20% are obese. We developed our Kids PE program to help combat this problem and to introduce kids ages 5-12 into a healthy fitness lifestyle in a safe, fun, non-intimidating format. However, since our program is so new, one of the first questions we get asked is "Where can I see it?", so we have been seeking Showcase Clubs in key areas to offer this program. When Pam and Dave from GENESIS, A New Beginning in Fitness contacted us, we saw a great fit."

Pam Mroz, owner of GENESIS, A New Beginning in Fitness, says that adding the Kids PE program is a natural extension of their commitment to the community. "We are very involved in our community and we are always trying to offer quality programs and service, so offering this much needed program was a no-brainer. It's sad to see how many out of shape kids there are out there with little being done about it. The already fit kids are participating in sports activities, but the vast majority of kids today have sedentary lifestyles. We like to be on the cutting edge in what we offer our members, so we jumped at the opportunity to become the first club in IN with Kids PE. The program is designed with safety and fun in mind; if it's not fun, kids are not going to stick with it. We will offer classes taught by certified instructors who will help motivate and inspire the kids".

Kids PACE Express equipment utilizes hydraulic resistance which matches the effort of the user. "We call it accommodating resistance", LaDue says, "it's much like moving your body through water, the faster you push, the more resistance you encounter. There are some weight stack equipment companies out there that have made scaled down equipment for kids, but there are some obvious safety problem with kids working out with weights. Since hydraulic resistance does not have a fixed load like weights, each machine works opposing muscle groups in a push/pull fashion. This way, more muscle mass is worked out in a shorter time with a much higher calorie burn than weights and without the muscle soreness." Recent studies at Baylor University with hydraulic resistance equipment has shown that a 30 minute workout with hydraulic equipment can burn over 500 calories, about the same as 1 1/2 hours of walking.

Dave Gumz, General Manager of GENESIS, A New Beginning in Fitness says they will be officially kicking off their program to be called GENESIS Kids on December 1st. In the meantime they are offering free "sneak preview" introductory workouts to kids ages 5-12 to try out this new program. We will be offering 8 week sessions at special introductory rates in December. Pam and Dave say they are looking forward to seeing the changes in kid's health and bodies they will help the local youth achieve. To make an appointment for a free workout or for more information, call 317-884-0905. The press and public are invited to an open house unveiling of this program on Friday, December 1st at 1:00pm with refreshments and door prizes.



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