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US Army Captain Founds Charity to Aid Iraqi Families
US Army Captain William Perrich, a civilian called back to active duty, is making a difference in Southern Baghdad through personal humanitarian efforts. As a Civil Affairs Officer, he rebuilds infrastructure, helps local governments function, and provides relief efforts to civilians. Seeing the urgent needs and extreme poverty, he founded a charity to funnel humanitarian aid to Iraqi families and children. His efforts improve the lives of Iraqi families and the safety of US soldiers.

"As It Was" DVD Video Series Offers A Powerful Way To Experience The Bible By Reenacting Reality-TV-Style Scenes On Location In Israel
Youth groups, churches, home schooled students and others will be able to experience the Bible in ways never before seen, through the innovative and powerful technique of relating Bible stories from the perspective of those who lived it in the DVD series "As It Was."

Obama's Candidacy May Force Hillary to Accept VP Role, Says Writer
Writer C. D. Jewell says that liberal Senator Barack Obama's dramatic entry in the race for the Democratic nomination may mean Hillary Clinton could be forced to accept second place on the 2008 ticket.

A New Strategy for the War in Iraq is Critical for the USA and the Rest of the World for Many Years to Come
With our country at a very critical point for a new strategy on the war in Iraq and on the war against terror, Dr. P. Kikareas, President and CEO of the World Foundation For Peace & Security, a division of Hellenic Aspis & Associates, Inc., presents some of his thoughts as an expert on crisis management issues.

The Iraq Study Group A Hazy Patch of Nation Building - America & Iraq: Seduced by Fear, A New Book by Author Dr. Amaal V.E. Tokars
In her book, America & Iraq: Seduced by Fear, Dr. Tokars brilliantly coins 2 necessary freedom terms: 1. Textual Imagery: information and communication filtered to citizens second by second. 2. Organic Citizenry: citizens who access not only the facts, but responsibly analyze those facts. Tokars challenges her readers to be Organic Citizens, to commit themselves to decipher and challenge all Textual Imagery -- including The Iraq Study Group Report.

Live Internet Webcast of Michigan Mock Elections through Michigan Live November 2nd, 2006 at Leland School -- will Host Candidates for Stat

Leland, MI (PRWEB) October 31, 2006 -- At 9:00 AM EST, November 2nd, 2006, the service in association with Absolute Michigan will broadcast the entire event live over the internet at and at

For the past twenty years, northern Michigan's Leland High School government class has been hosting a rally and mock election. Between the first day of school and the day of the election, students in Leland's government class work diligently on completing the project, managing their work through student-directed committees that handle everything from signs and decorations to creating video ads, designing ballots and delivering speeches on behalf of their chosen candidate.

Each year the event has been expanded and improved and this year, in addition to being the statewide headquarters for the National Student/Parent Mock Election, Leland will be the only location to broadcast candidate and student speeches, interviews, student voting and associated hoopla live over the internet.

The live broadcast will start at approximately 9 a.m. EST Thursday November 2nd, and will feature a rally, with speeches by students and actual Michigan candidates, all presented in a lively debate format. This event will be broadcast live over the Internet at and at

More information about live Internet Webcast services, through Michigan Live

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"We have been streaming video live for two years now," says Frank Mazzella CEO of SoundQue "and have found that the usual viewer checks the website, sees the crowds, activity and music happening live, and then goes to that event to be part of the action. It gives the festivals larger coverage than the local radio/TV stations in the area."

Webcast Features and Benefits:
Reduced Costs, Sponsor Benefits
Utilizes the Internet to cost-effectively communicate LIVE with audiences worldwide - saving time, travel and money. "It also is an additional value add to sponsors," reports Production Manager Kelly Rinne "it sends views directly to the sponsors website while they are viewing the webcast. This is much more effective than signage onsite, or a flyer that may get lost or thrown away. Many live events use sponsorship as a way to help fund the event, and this technology gives the sponsor much more reward for their donation." Clients also have the choice to archive and re-broadcast the stream for later use.

The pre, post and interstitial messaging can be customized to each event easily, providing the ability to create and deliver customized LIVE interactive communications directly to viewers: Each festival can track the effectiveness of the webcast and the advertising ? the technology provides real-time tracking of each user.

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