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Indiana Uniersity of Pennsylvania's Dr. Botelho Engages in Competitive Fencing
Dr. Botelho is a faculty member at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a core professor for the Robert E Cook Honors College, and a competitive fencer.

Terrorism Intelligence Expert Gives History of Iraq Insurgency from Viewpoint of Insurgents
The Terrorists of Iraq, a new book by FOX news commentator Malcolm W. Nance, is a revolutionary exploration of the terrorist groups America fights in Iraq.

Enrollment Begins for Summer Hebrew Language and Soccer Camp in Israel
EduKick Inc., the leader in educational and sports experiences for youth abroad, opens enrollment for a unique Hebrew language immersion course and soccer training camp this summer in Israel.

Fifteen of Eighteen Presidential Election Candidates Have Negative Search Engine Listings
New study from examines the online reputation of 2008 hopefuls.

Music Artist and Runner-Up for Miss World - Nazanin - Presents Riveting Documentary Outlining Heroic Efforts to Save Life of Iranian Woman Who Shares
Bodog Music artist and former Miss Canada Nazanin hosts a documentary to save the life of an 18 year old girl of the same name. It will be shown on Bodog.TV.

Virtual Financial Stock Market Predicts the Presidential Election Outcome

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) July 23, 2004 -- Increasingly futures stock markets are establishing themselves and reliable predictors of future events. Working much like a real-time poll, these markets are showing promise predicting events from terror attacks to presidential elections.

The leader and only live virtual Terror Stock Market has created an entire section and animated graphic showing up to the minute predictions of election outcomes. Users can log in and buy stock with virtual money in the candidate of their choice. As participants buy more shares of particular stocks, the price of that stock increases. By comparing these prices, we can see a real time poll of the likely outcome of the presidential election. In a single glance at the Terror Exchange home page, you can see exactly where the three presidential candidates fall within the national consciousness.

These types of virtual stock markets have an exceptional history, outperforming polls in the majority of cases. Needless to say, the concept of using futures markets for predictive and analytical purposes has spread to other areas as well. The Terror Exchange began as a virtual stock market where people speculated on terror related events. By reviewing the history of their stock market, you can see how various world events interact, influence each other and can project forward the probability of specific types of attacks.

Combining real-time news, information and advice on how to prepare for a terror attack, TerrorXchange has become the number 1 website for terror related news, information and preparedness training and projecting future outcomes.

Hopefully as public officials will be further educated and, in the future, more open to the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that helped conceive the idea of a futures market to analyze, predict and ultimately, deter terrorist threats. Almost everyone agrees in principle that the war on terrorism is "a different kind of war." Unfortunately, not everyone seems willing to actually treat the war on terrorism as the asymmetrical struggle that it is. That needs to change. The terrorists have no illusions about the kind of war they are fighting against us. Neither should we. Only by pursuing unorthodox but effective counterterrorist measures, only by remaining at the forefront of innovation will the United States put the forces of international terrorism to rout. We can bring a great deal of intellectual capital to bear in fighting terrorism. There is no need for us to refrain from doing so. is a privately held website created by Satori Interactive Media.

Satori Interactive is an independent technology research and game development company that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice about technology's impact on government and business. Business, marketing, and IT professionals worldwide collaborate with Satori Interactive to align their technology investments with their business goals. Satori Interactive offers products and services in four major areas: Research, Data, Game Theory and Consulting. Established in 1996, Satori Interactive is headquartered in New York, New York, with offices in Napa, California, Memphis, Tennessee and Batesville, Arkansas.

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