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Election Season Could Be A Boost For Maine Business
Two young women from Maine are hoping to have their business take off during Election season. Electoral College Sportswear & Accessories and Intellectual Threads are run by Andrea Duquette (24) and Ashley Perry (23) of Bangor, Maine. Electoral College Sportswear & Accessories sells novelty clothing for the fictitious Electoral College.

Israel Is My Son
"And thou shalt say unto Pharoah, Thus saith the Lord, "Israel is my son, even my first-born. And I say unto thee, Let my son go, that he may serve me;and if thou refuse to let him go, behold I will slay thy son, even thy first born(Exodus 4.

Free Internet Property Search Tool Offered for Indiana Real Estate
New web site provides free, unbiased searches of Indiana area properties for sale, without ads or "pop-ups," and without requiring users to "log in" or provide personal information.

Combat Marines Commemorate Tour of Duty in Iraq and Afghanistan with Custom T-shirts Created at
Soldiers personalize their combat company, remember a battle, and in some cases, remember a fallen friend with custom t-shirts from

General Wilmot Creates Blog to Comment on Iraq
General Richard Wilmot (US Army ret.) has created a blog, which documents his views on the situation in Iraq.

Independent Film 'Almost Broken' Dogs Governor Schwarzenegger and Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi as the November Elections Approach

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 16, 2006 -- Almost Broken is the first documentary that has taken a website and made it into a film. A film, so explosive to Governor Schwarzenegger's reformed workers compensation system, that in February 2005, within a few hours of the first public showing in San Francisco, the president of the nation?s largest state owned insurance agency, State Compensation Insurance Fund, resigned after being questioned by reporters, according to Christine Pietz, producer of the film and founder of website.

Now, thanks to technology, members of the news media and people all over California, our nation and worldwide, can view the documentary, Almost Broken, online at See who is really committing fraud for financial gain and why it is now time to get the government out of the insurance business. Our top elected officials are unwilling to put a stop to this abuse of public trust and by doing so are allowing financial gains to be given priority over our constitutional rights.

Pietz said she thought she heard it all over this last year about how injured workers are being treated when she saw the most shocking new video on a few days ago. It shows the absolutely horrible and shocking abuse of injured nurse Barbara Clark and how she is having to suffer to try and get medical care. She is yet another victim of un-prosecuted insurance fraud.

Pietz went on to say there is growing concern among viewers of the film ?Almost Broken? and the new video about nurse Barbara Clark, because of the following statement made by Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi.? Can?t be bought and won?t back down,? indicates he should be willing to put an end to insurance fraud.

John Garamendi is campaigning for Lt Governor. A recent ad states he forces carriers to ?pay their claims.? Now the public can watch and see if John Garamendi is going to force the carriers to ?pay their claims? in the case of injured workers, Nurse Barbara Clark and Larry Nign. He needs to show Californians that John Garamendi is a man of his word and not just another politician saying what he thinks the public wants to hear to win votes.

As Governor Schwarzenegger campaigns for re-election, he talks about his great workers comp reform. Californians can see for themselves just how this new reform works, simply by going to Spend a few minutes watching the video about Nurse Barbara Clark and see what you think of the Governor?s reform and how it works. Is this video an example of how the governor wants Californians treated if they suffer a serious work injury? Could this video become a scandal for Governor Schwarzenegger?s administration and Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi?

If you believe that allowing financial gains to be given priority over our constitutional rights should never be tolerated then please share this press release with all your co-workers, friends and family. Send a very strong message to our elected officials that ?We The People? do care about our injured workers and their families and the integrity of our justice system

Pietz said, ?How can we send our young men and women in the military to fight and risk death in Iraq to protect peoples? civil rights, when right here in the United States we will not stop the financial gains that results from injured workers civil rights being violated??

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