Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

Noam Chomsky Voices Support for the Responsibility to Iraqi Refugees Act of 2007
House Resolution 2265 would allow more Iraqis into the United States, including religious minorities suffering from persecution.

Is Bill Richardson the Next Bill Clinton?
There are a lot of similarities between Bill Richardson and Bill Clinton. The most daunting of all is the fact that Richardson has a legitimate shot at winning.

Business After The Iraqi War
The rewarding of high compensation packages to top executives who turned over weak quarterly earnings, or who were involved in corporate scandals, adversely affected short-term investing, and collectively contributed to the downturn of the global economy over the last couple of years. Even the help and expertise of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and several notable Nobel Prize winning economists in the President's Council of Economic Advisers, wasn't enough to revive the economy.

A Brief Look at Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a country located in Central Asia. Afghanistan is often considered to be part of the Middle East due to its location on the Iranian plateau.

Iran Scrambles Cable TV Channels
Is the Iranian government afraid of the outside world? Once again trying to keep its citizens in the dark as to what is going on? Is the leadership worried about a huge civil war out break? It appears something is up. The moderates in Iran are pro-western world and culture and want to have improved lives and increased quality of life.

NewsLaugh Presents Satirical Fiction, Free; December's Feature: "The Alamo In Iraq - Bush Vows To Fight To The Last Iraqi"

New York, NY (PRWeb) December 4, 2006 -- In December's free issue,, The Sanely Funny Humor Magazine, presents satirical fiction, featuring "The Alamo in Iraq. Bush Vows To Fight To The Last Iraqi."

While the consensus in America has come down decidedly on leaving Iraqi to the Iraqis, George Bush seems to inhabit an Alamo of the mind. There he is, an unlikely Davy Crockett, along with Dick Cheney, as an even more unlikely Jim Bowie, holding out against all odds and vowing to fight to the last Iraqi.

Other sanely funny fictions in this month's free issue include:

* Mohammed Sent Back To Earth To Apologize; Reads Post-It From God

* Al Sharpton And Jesse Jackson Repent For Use Of The "W" Word

* African And Afghan Women Gain Right To Kick Men Where It Hurts

* Democrats Face Reality. So We Thought We'd Interview Reality

* Excuse Me, President Putin, But Is The Caviar Radioactive? - It's our Spoof of the Month!

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Each month, presents humorous fictional satires under such headings as Sanely Funny Cover Story, Dreadline of the Month, Shreditorial, Washington Spin Din, Clever Monkey of the Month, and a Spoof of the Month.

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Mr. Attea has had six shows produced Off-Broadway. Critics have called his comedy writing, "delightfully funny," "witty," with "great humor and ebullience" and "good, genuine laughs."

He was awarded a grant as a playwright by New York's Theater For The New City and co-wrote the first feature film Showtime produced.

He has extensive experience in news media. He wrote the recent campaign for The New York Sun, New York's new broadsheet newspaper, "Illuminate Your World," the classic campaign for Time Magazine, "There's never been a greater need for understanding," and the long-running theme for The Village Voice, "In this city, you need a Voice." In broadcast media, he wrote the advertising that successfully introduced Lifetime television, "There's nothing like a woman's Lifetime," and oversaw all the advertising for WABC TV and radio in New York.

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