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FDA Decision Involves Area Patients Indiana Physician Participated in 'Rigid' National Clinical Study
Local surgeons who perform breast reconstruction and 'primary augmentation' for a large region of Indiana and three surrounding states are applauding the Food & Drug Administration decision (November 2006) to approve the manufacturing and use of silicone gel-based breast implants for American women. Ronald Downs, MD, FACS, former President of the Indiana State Medical Association and founder of The Centre, P.C. based in Elkhart, participated for more than ten years in the same national FDA study of silicone gel-based breast implants that is now cited as the basis for approving their use.

Israel Termed A 'Nuclear Power' By US Officials
In the last two weeks, two non-senior US officials indirectly called on Israel to start planning on cancelling its nuclear weapons programs. Even though they said this is not intended for 'the foreseeable future', their publicly terming Israel a nuclear power on a par with India and Pakistan might be a sign that the US perceives of nuclear issues as too serious to condone the double standards it employs freely on other issues.

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Rallies Israel's Supporters to Restore Dilapidated Bomb Shelters Along 'Confrontation Line'
At the request of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and as the threat of war with Israel's enemies looms, The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has stepped up efforts to restore and provide supplies for 2,523 private bomb shelters along the "Confrontation Line" in northern Israel and in Sderot, where two civilians were killed in recent rocket attacks.

Original Audio Production of "Edges, O Israel, Palestine" Starring Tovah Feldshuh
"Edges", starring Tovah Feldshuh, Audio Production Available June 1, downloadable at and "Edges" is also on development to be shot in location in West and East Jerusalem. The author will be siigning books April 29th at 12pm-1pm at the LA Times Festval of the Book, UCLA campus, Booth 610. An interview with the author on TALKSBOOKS with Connie Martinson, on April 26th, airing to be announced.

US Army Captain Founds Charity to Aid Iraqi Families
US Army Captain William Perrich, a civilian called back to active duty, is making a difference in Southern Baghdad through personal humanitarian efforts. As a Civil Affairs Officer, he rebuilds infrastructure, helps local governments function, and provides relief efforts to civilians. Seeing the urgent needs and extreme poverty, he founded a charity to funnel humanitarian aid to Iraqi families and children. His efforts improve the lives of Iraqi families and the safety of US soldiers.

Spiritual Book Is Holiday Gift That Keeps Hope Alive in Israel Palestine

Green Swamp, Florida (PRWeb) November 30, 2006 -- Eileen Fleming, author of a new spiritual book about possibilities for Mideast peace, announces her holiday gift this year will be to donate 100% of all proceeds for her new work of creative spiritual literature and historical fiction, ?Keep Hope Alive? to the Olive Trees Foundation for Peace ( The Foundation is working in tandem this year with the Joint Advocacy Initiative's YWCA in Bethlehem and YMCA in Jerusalem's Keep Hope Alive Olive Tree Campaign ( to provide the funds for olive trees in areas devastated by years of conflict.

Fleming is an author, reporter and editor of WAWA ( who has just returned from her fourth journey to Israel Palestine since June 2005. As a member and supporter of the Interfaith non-profit, Olive Trees Foundation for Peace, she is donating all royalties to the 501 3-c organization whose history she has documented in this amusing and spiritual book.

The autographed book is available as a holiday gift.

?Keep Hope Alive? was inspired by and documents the life of Khaled Diab, a 1948 refugee from the Upper Galilee who made his way to America and into a career in the Defense industry with top-secret clearance during the Cold War. ?Keep Hope Alive? opens with Fleming's imaginative discussion of a group of friends around Khaled's olive-wood kitchen table in Buffalo, N.Y., the morning after Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination. Topics of conversation include the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the treasures of the Nag Hammadi library and the stages of the soul. These topics are intricately woven into a provocative, inclusive and cohesive story of historical fiction.

At the age of 78, Khaled ponders the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001 and is compelled to take positive action. With the help of many friends, he founds the nonprofit, nonpolitical OTFFP (

?Keep Hope Alive? documents how American Jews, Christians and Muslims came together after the tragedy of September 11, 2001 to raise awareness and funds to begin to replant the olive trees that the separation wall has destroyed, and with hope to heal, mend and transform spirits and the environment in the Holy Land.

To date, 30,000 trees have been rooted, thanks to generous American donors. The full 100% of a book purchase is a tax-deductible holiday gift because all the proceeds are donated to OTFFP.

"Gary's Shelf" from wrote about this spiritual book of historical fiction:

?At first I thought this had something to do with the famous line of Jessie Jackson. I'm delighted to say it is much, much more. The author shows that there are many people from all over the world who are moving in the right direction to establish peace in the Middle East ?. This is a book that should be read by anyone who does not believe there can be peace in the Middle East. It should also be included in schools and on the college level to help focus on how the area can move toward peace.? ? G.S. Roen

To order Eileen Fleming?s spiritual book ?Keep Hope Alive? as a holiday gift and plant an olive tree for peace in Israel Palestine, send a $25 check made out to OTFFP

Mail to:
We Are Wide Awake
PO Box 120321
Clermont, Florida 34712

About ?Keep Hope Alive?
?Keep Hope Alive? (ISBN 1-4259-5355-7) is a deeply spiritual book and a fact-filled, well researched historical fiction. Author Eileen Fleming is donating all proceeds from ?Keep Hope Alive? as a holiday gift to the OTFFP and with hope that more people will plant an olive tree for peace in the Holy Land.

Eileen Fleming



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