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Russia and Her Allies Will Attack Israel
This next event will be a major one! The Bible says that in the latter days, Russia and what appears to be Iran, Libya, Turkey and possibly Sudan will descend upon Israel and try to destroy her.Israel will have no chance to win against this large army that will attempt to come against her.

When at War, What Our Troops Want is THE Election Issue!
Watching the Towers Fall and Moving Beyond Stuck-On-Stupid! Honors Lives Of Fallen U.S. Troops In Iraq, Afghanistan This Veteran's Day
In Remembrance website traffic continues to grow as veterans increasingly turn to digital memorialization.

New Product Brings the Holy Land of Israel to the United States -- Literally
Holy Land Earth imports and sells affordable packages of fertile soil from Israel for use in burial ceremonies, gravesite visits, and any other use buyers deem appropriate.

Fifteen of Eighteen Presidential Election Candidates Have Negative Search Engine Listings
New study from examines the online reputation of 2008 hopefuls.

Box of Apples, the Museum (and Gift Shop) of Crate Label Art, Announces an Expanded Selection of Fruit and Botanical Prints

Fairfax, VA (PRWeb) November 27, 2006 -- Possum Yams may be history at the grocery store, and now they can be history on your walls, too. In time for the holidays, is expanding its line of crate-art print from the 1910s-1950s with additions that include a green pelican as well as an improbable but fascinating lineup of tubers and critters.

Backstory: Before there were supermarkets, fruit and vegetables were sold right out of their wooden shipping crates, which were decorated with colorful signage in an attempt to lure buyers and build brand loyalty. Thousands of these stone-lithographed labels survived on the shelves of West Coast print shops and are now collectors' items. is making them available in reproduction as large-format fine art prints. "People see these for the first time and they're just amazed," says Box of Apples owner David Hall in Fairfax, Virginia. "They were printed using eight- and twelve-color lithography and are quite detailed, something like a bank note or old Currier and Ives print. It's folk art in the service of commerce, basically, and a lot of it is charmingly naive. You see the owners' children, and a lot of strange animals, especially in the sweet potato art from Louisiana. Reproduced using the latest giclee printing technology, they really do take on a life of their own. People never fail to be impressed. The originals were fairly large, so they scale up quite well."

Prints are struck using eight-color archival inks on Arches Infinity textured fine-art paper (mould-made museum-quality stock imported from France) in sizes ranging from 13x19 inches to four by seven feet and shipped in heavy-duty mailing tubes four to six inches in diameter. Prices range from $26 to $250, with the largest sizes especially suitable for restaurants or commercial spaces.


Box of Apples, the Museum (and Gift Shop) of Fruit Crate Art, is an offshoot of, which for the past two years has been selling large-format prints of 1950s automotive and pop culture art. Visit.

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