Sanders for Congress - Keep Hope Alive!

Saving Private Ryan in Iraq - Stop the Bleeding
I propose that we give soldiers an ultra thin material, which will either be an undergarment to their uniform or incorporated as a liner within that uniform. This liner in the uniform will be laced with a Blood Coagulation Product.

Coalition of Election and Computer Experts Ask Congress to Vote No on H.R. 811
An Election Deception Bill

Original Audio Production of "Edges, O Israel, Palestine" Starring Tovah Feldshuh
"Edges", starring Tovah Feldshuh, Audio Production Available June 1, downloadable at and "Edges" is also on development to be shot in location in West and East Jerusalem. The author will be siigning books April 29th at 12pm-1pm at the LA Times Festval of the Book, UCLA campus, Booth 610. An interview with the author on TALKSBOOKS with Connie Martinson, on April 26th, airing to be announced.

The Little-Known Speechwriting Secrets That Won George W Bush The US Election
He's been accused of "mangling the language, destroying its meaning by avoiding the use of verbs, twisting nouns into verbs, and endlessly repeating phrases until they become zombified" (Source:'Bush and Blair accused of mangling English' by Kate Kelland,

Get It Solved With Indiana Child Custody Lawyer
Divorce cases have been arising in the state of Indiana. Child custody cases have also increased because it goes after finishing the process of a divorce. When the parents have decided to move in different states, they should consult an Indiana child custody lawyer to solve the child issues.

General Wilmot Creates Blog to Comment on Iraq

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 23, 2006 -- General Richard Wilmot (US Army ret.) has created a blog, which documents his views on the situation in Iraq. Falling outside predictable party lines, his observations and recommendations bear the hallmark of common sense.

"Early on we did some strange things," General Wilmot explains. "We ripped out the bureaucracy and destroyed the military and the law enforcement agencies. We forgot about the tribes and tribal issues as well as the religious aspects of Iraqi life. We looked at solutions through Western eyes."

He goes on to point out that, "Indeed, one of the consequences of having committed our missteps in Iraq is that we have demonstrated to our enemies, be they in Iraq or elsewhere, that we are incapable of prevailing when confronted by an urban, guerrilla-style counterinsurgency.

The General states categorically that there is an ongoing civil war in Iraq and offers interesting commentary on Robert Gates, statements made by Senator John McCain, the Vanity Fair interviews of Richard Perle, Kenneth Adelman and David Frumm and Fareed Zakaria's quotes of President Bush in Newsweek magazine.

General Wilmot is a consultant to industry and the US Government as well as foreign governments on special projects such as nation building, creating strategic alliances, international business techniques, counter-terrorism, international security and crisis management. He volunteers hundreds of hours of time to Youth Leadership Training in Arizona and California through Angel Light Academy. General Wilmot was the CEO of the Steele Foundation, a global risk management company.



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