An award will be presented to the person who presents the most thoughtful solution to the situation in Iraq. Please answer the questions: What is the United States role in Iraq? What can be done to improve the deteriorating situation in Iraq? Click here to submit your own solution.

"Whatever we do, it has to be legal. The occupation of Iraq is an illegal occupation. As long as our actions are illegal, then they are illegitimate. America must stop violating the rule of the UN if we expect others to comply."
John Brasch, Bloomington, Indiana

"We must admit that we made a big, big, mistake. Until we admit fault, we have lost the credibility of the world community."
Cynthia Hardee, Parkersburg, West Virginia

"We have already lost the war, so get out. Plain and simple, sad but true....."
Omer Gaddles, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Omer, We can't just leave. Too many innocent people are counting on us. We may not be able to improve the situation anytime soon, but we must carry on anyway."
Sally Samples, Penbrook, Illinois

"Our role is to install a democracy and get out as soon as possible, which is not anytime soon. We should declare martial law and disarm the entire population until calm prevails."
Fred & Rita Bellinger, Greenwood, Indiana

"Unfortunately we are obligated to the mistakes of the Bush Administration which includes Steve Buyer who supports Bush without reserve. We MUST restore order to Iraq even if their new form of "Democracy" doesn't exactly match our model. Who are we to force our beliefs on others when we can't even accept the differences of our own people anyway?"
David Woolums, Lafayette, Indiana

"Hey we have gone in and have torn down a form of government and need to build up a new one. We should keep our men in Iraq because they bare still keeping peice. If you want our men out of that country then why don't you just pull everyone out of all the other countries that we have people in. You can't because they are there to protect the people."
Jason, Burnettsville, Indiana

"Send the entire Bush Administration and their families over to Iraq to stabilize the country, and be sure they have the same inadequate equipment and supply shortages that they sent our family members over there with!"
L.W., Indianapolis, Indiana

"The Bush administration's legacy will inevitably be the lose-lose situation that Kerry's administration inherited upon election. The fact is, the Iraq situation transcends any political reasoning, and is in essence a moral issue now. The Bush administration took America into Iraq, and leaving immediately will destabilize the region. America is under obligation now to secure the country for it's citizens, and I think that we should internationalize this mission by reconciling our relations with the world community. Only then can we reduce the burden on the American taxpayer that Bush's war has produced."
Thomas Cook, Brownsburg, Indiana

I believe that it is paramount that we succeed in Iraq. As Colin Powell allegedly told President Bush, the pottery house rules apply. We broke it, and now we must fix it. I believe that we need to go to the rest of the world and express regret for the failed policies of George W. Bush. We need to lay out exactly what we need from each country and bring them to the table. We need to open dialogues with Middle Eastern countries to try to be solutions to the problem and not the cause. Unfortunately, we may need to commit more troops to the area to settle the situation. I hope, though, that through the help of other nations we can do this. Most of all, the U.S. needs to take its medicine and be humble. We made many mistakes, and we need to admit that we did these things. We need to apologize to the Iraqi people for the thousands of innocent civilian lives lost. Our role should be that of peacekeeper and humanitarian. Compassion is not a sign of weakness, and, while in the short term we may appear weak, the greater strength will come later when our respect with the world is restored and peace reigns. It can happen.
Jon Easter, Indianapolis, Indiana

Leave NOW! We are not wanted there by the Iraq people and not by the rest of the region. We are seen as occupiers now. George sold us a bill of goods and now we have to admit we were wrong. The Iraqi people/Tribes have fought each other ad infinitum and will continue to do so regardless of what we do. All our current presence is doing is legitimizing the in-fighting.
Tom Word, Brownsburg, Indiana

We don't need to leave. We just need to pull back to Iraq's borders let them figure out how to govern themselves. By having our troops littered around Iraq we appear to be occupiers. If we only littered the borders our troops could do two things: prevent foreign terrorists from entering and we wouldn't be seen as occupiers. The first item is what the administration and military have been saying they need to do. So why are they still purging shanty towns?
Nolan Eakins, Greenwood, Indiana


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