Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my campaign to make Congress work for the working families of south central Pennsylvania. I am running to represent my friends and neighbors because I believe that the people of Adams, York, and Cumberland counties deserve a leader who stands squarely with them on the issues that are most important in their lives a leader who puts principle before politics. A leader who is conservative on some issues, moderate on others, but reasonable on them all.

My priorities are to improve the quality of public education, increase access to affordable health care, add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare, and strengthen Social Security. I will fight to keep the budget balanced and reduce the national debt, which will lower interest rates and free up federal dollars that can be used to shrink the tax burden on working families or for investments in our common priorities. Putting principle before politics will carry us all closer than ever to the more perfect union our founders dreamed of. I hope that after you get to know me you will join me in seizing this historic opportunity to give south central Pennsylvanians a future worthy of our past.

With warmest regards,
- Jeff