The American Worker
I will promote the creation of jobs in our district through supporting consortia of industries, academic institutions, and governments that invest in modern manufacturing and high technology facilities.  We possess the industrial, educational, and workforce capabilities to make this a reality.  As noted previously, a major reason that American businesses large and small and American farmers are losing their competitive edge is because of the high cost of health care, health benefits, and health insurance.  Bringing these under control will create jobs in the United States.

     Many Americans are dependent on the income that they receive from minimum-wage jobs.  The minimum wage has not been increased in decades and, in real terms, is lower than at any time since 1949.  Working people should be able to live and support their families on their wages.  I support an increase in the national minimum wage and will oppose any increase in Congressional salaries until there is a rise in the wages of those who are working and yet struggling to survive economically.


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