Health Care
Controlling the viruses that threaten human health has been a major component of my professional life. I perceive another health care-related threat to Americans. As I have traveled throughout the 4th Congressional District, I have repeatedly heard stories about the loss of manufacturing jobs, small businesses and farms because of the high cost of health care, health benefits and health insurance. Bringing these under control will create and preserve jobs in the United States.

Access to affordable health insurance and health care for all is essential for American competitiveness. This is not just a matter of uninsured individuals. In other countries workers either receive no benefits or they are protected by universal health insurance.

I have also heard examples where fears concerning obtaining health insurance have inhibited entrepreneurship and business creation. People feel they can't take the risk to start their own businesses because of the difficulty of finding affordable health insurance. They don't find the alternative, being uninsured and exposing their families to possible bankruptcy in the case of unexpected illnesses, an appealing one. I differ with Rep. Steve Buyer who says that affordable health care for all is not the government's business.

If I am elected, I will work to ensure that high-quality health care is available to all -- to the most vulnerable in our society, to our veterans and to the elderly, who have contributed so much over their life spans and still have so much to contribute.

Dr. Sanders is very concerned about the increasing prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Please review the Center for Disease Control information on the proper use of antibiotics.


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