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In 1960, President Kennedy taught me that politics is the art of turning our dreams into reality, of turning the improbable into the possible. I still believe that today. I also believe, as a Democrat, that government is neither the source nor the solution of all our problems. Those solutions can be found in Pennsylvania's values - freedom and responsibility. When Pennsylvanians live up to their responsibilities, the federal government should live up to its responsibility to give them the tools to build better lives, the freedom to make a difference for themselves.

As a native Pennsylvanian, I want to make sure that America's unprecedented economic prosperity reaches every corner of Adams, York, and Cumberland counties, from towns like Newburg at the base of the Blue Mountains, to the orchards surrounding Biglerville, to the inner-city of York, to the farms near my home in New Freedom. The time has come to make sure that all our children go to school ready to learn and graduate ready to succeed, that our current and future seniors can rely on a Social Security system that isn't left at the mercy of a stock market that can fall as quickly as it has risen, that Medicare is modernized with new prescription drug coverage so that not one elderly person has to choose between meals and medicine, and get affordable, quality health care for all Pennsylvanians regardless of what the special interests say.

We also must ensure that Congress enacts a fiscal plan that keeps the budget balanced and pays down the national debt, that our family farms and open spaces are preserved, that real campaign finance reform is implemented, and that Pennsylvanians no longer send more to Washington in taxes each year than we get back.

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