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I strongly believe that free trade, first and foremost, must be fair trade. The goal of our trade policy should be to protect American workers, not just the corporate bottom line. Most Favored Nation status, now known as Normal Trade Relations (NTR), has been granted to China every year for more than a decade. This yearly review is essential because it gives Congress and the American people the chance to debate the many raised by our relationship with China. President Clinton, however, asked Congress to grant China permanent NTR status, a step necessary for China to join the World Trade Organization (WTO). I do not support permanent NTR for China. I join with my friend Congressman Jack Murtha, who said it would be a mistake to lose the leverage of an annual vote. Congress must not give a blank check to this troubled nation. Instead, we should insist that China first recognize basic worker and human rights and stop its predatory trading practices that threaten jobs here in South Central Pennsylvania. Supporters say this agreement will open China to democratic change, but Congress must make decisions based on what is best for America, not what is best for China.