January 5, 2000

Adams County Democratic Party Chair Joins Sanders for Congress Executive Committee
Mark Berg Cites Sanders' Experience and Stands on Issues as Reason for Joining Campaign Effort

GETTYSBURG, PA - Today Jeff Sanders announced that Mark Berg, the Chair of the Adams County Democratic Committee, will lend his insight and support to Sanders' campaign for Congress by joining his Executive Committee. Berg will serve as one of Sanders' principal advisors on the issues important to the people of Adams County.

"I'm thrilled that Mark is joining my team. He has brought the same kind of kind of vision and vigor to the Democratic Party in Adams County that I want to extend throughout South Central Pennsylvania," Sanders said. "Mark's knowledge of the issues confronting the citizens of Gettysburg, Littlestown, East Berlin, and the rest of the county - as shown by the strength of the Democratic Party here since Mark has been in charge - will be invaluable to me."

Sanders believes that his message - "New beginnings based on old values" - has a special meaning to Adams Countians. From the debate over the proposed visitor center at Gettysburg National Military Park to the plum pox virus, the citizens of Adams County have proven that respect for community and responsible land use - two pillars of Sanders' campaign - are at the forefront of their concerns for the future. Also, Sanders knows that better schools, affordable health care, and a secure retirement are on everyone's minds. Sanders' grasp of the local issues impacting Adams County, as well as his understanding of the national matters that effect its residents, led Mark Berg to accept Sanders' invitation to join his campaign team.

"Jeff really knows what is important to the people here and is excited about learning more. His kind of energy and devotion to making things better for his neighbors is rare in a candidate for any office," Berg said. "Furthermore, his experience as a school board president and an educator for 31 years gives him a unique understanding of a broad range of issues, not only education but those other things - like taxes and health care - that give parents and kids the freedom to concentrate on school. I'm excited to be working with him."

Sanders' links to Adams County extend beyond his relationship to Mark Berg. 137 years ago, Sanders' great-grandfather, Silas, stood in the Wheatfield and fought to repulse the Rebel invasion that threatened the very existence of the American republic. In addition, Scott Stoermer, Sanders' campaign manager, was a member of Bermudian Springs High School's Class of 1988.