March 13, 2000

Sanders Endorsed by Cumberland County Democratic Committee

CARLISLE, PA - On Saturday Jeff Sanders (D-York County) added the Cumberland County Democratic Committee to his growing list of prominent endorsements in his race for the Democratic nomination in the 19th Congressional District. By a greater than two to one margin, Cumberland County Democrats who live in the district recognized Sanders as the candidate with the vision and character to represent them in the November election.

"I'm thrilled to have the endorsement of the Democrats in Cumberland County," Sanders said. "I have worked very hard to understand the needs and concerns of working families throughout the district so that I can represent their views and their party well in Washington. Democrats throughout south central Pennsylvania are looking for a candidate they can be proud of in November. I'm honored that the solid citizens who serve on the Cumberland County Democratic Committee see me, overwhelmingly, as that candidate."

The vote taken on Saturday was 23-10 in favor of Sanders.

Sanders has already secured the endorsements of York County Commissioner Shirley Glass, Adams County Commissioner Harry Stokes, and Adams County Democratic Party Chair Mark Berg.