A Message from David Sanders

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our campaign site. This campaign is a team effort, which is continually expanding. New volunteers are joining nearly every day. Our campaign is surpassing that of our opponet in terms of the number of contributions from individual donors. Veterans, who recognize the insulting and dismissive manner with which Steve Buyer has treated them, are rallying around the campaign. They recognize my commitment to guarantee them the benefits that they have been promised.

This campaign is a 12-county race, and I am committed to listening to the concerns of voters throughout the district. You can see photos of my visits to your county. You can also find detailed discussions of y positions on the issues. My opponent has not updated his Web site in years. He refuses to meet with his constituents. He refuses to take the National Political Awareness Test (Vote Smart). He has refused all invitations to participate in forums or debates with me. More and more voters are recognizing that by electing me to represent them that they have the chance to have a Congressman who will protect his constituents' interests and is interested in their individual concerns. We will address any questios about the campaign personally. The site is updated frequently, so please visit often.

David Sanders



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