Oct. 9th: No Vet Left Behind Convoy

On Monday, October 9th, 2006, David Sanders will join participants in a convoy led by "No Vet Left Behind." The event's organizers include veterans and veteran families from Indiana and other states in the Midwest, and have launched similar efforts in a few other 2006 Congressional and Senate races. The organizers have targeted Indiana to oppose the reelection of House Veteran Affairs Committee Chairman and current Indiana 4th district Congressman, Steve Buyer, as well as to promote etter policies regarding veterans' benefits. The convoy organizers have openly-endorsed Sanders.

David Sanders stated, "I am honored that veterans from across America have expressed their support for my campaign. It will be stirring to see those who have served their country gathered together from throughout the Midwest and Indiana and standing united to fight for the benefits that they have earned."

The Convoy Schedule for Monday includes:

9:30—10:30 Rally at the Monroe Co. Courthouse, Bloomington
10:30—11:00 Caravan to Martinsville
11:00—11:30 Remembrance at the Veterans' Memorial, Martinsville
11:30—12:30 Caravan to Indianapolis
12:30—1:30 Rally at the Indiana War Memorial, Indianapolis
1:30—2:30 Caravan to Lebanon for a rally at the Boone County Courthouse
230—3:30 Caravan to Lafayette
3:30—4:30 Rally at the Tippecanoe Co. Courthouse, Lafayette

For more information and ride sharing you can contact Alan Rainey at .



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