Buyer's Bizarre Reversal on Iraq


On October 26 Congressman Buyer told Indianapolis NBC affiliate station WTHR that he didn't like the direction of the Iraqi government ("They're not focusing on what I think that they should be focusing on.") and that cutting and running from Iraq overnight was potentially desirable (Buyer suggests a pullout may be just what's needed to shake up the Iraqi leadership. "You know what? If the US begins a precipitous withdrawal, maybe only then do they hae this wake-up call of greater urgency to focus on their nation state."). These declarations are a direct contradiction of everything for which Congressman Buyer has claimed to stand for the last few years. He has previously been a consistent and vocal supporter of the war in Iraq and the "stay the course" approach.

Most recently in the Journal and Courier Congressman Buyer stated, "Everyday, progress is being made by Iraq's "unity" government to carry out the political, military and economic masures needed to stabilize the country. Setting a timetable for troop levels or troop withdrawal in Iraq is poor policy. The Democrats' strategy to cut and run is not a strategy for success. Terrorists have flocked to Iraq to make a stand, and it is there we should rid this world of these extremists. When I met with Iraqi President (Jalal) Talabani and his ministers, I left with the strong impressions that to them, success is their only option."

Dr. Sanders stated, "Despite my familiarity with te record of Congressman Buyer concerning promises made and broken, even I was astounded by the bizarre reversal of his position on Iraq that was reported October 26. Congressman Buyer, one of the biggest cheerleaders for the war in Iraq since before it began—a man who has vehemently attacked anyone who has called for a reexamination of the occupation—called for a "precipitous withdrawal" from Iraq. No timetable, no benchmarks—"precipitous withdrawal." Precipitous withdrawal doesn't jut mean 'cut and run.' It means 'cut and run away very fast!'" This is a complete contradiction of everything Congressman Buyer has been saying up to just a couple of days earlier. There is no press release or other explanation of this complete change in posture. His unstable positions are very disturbing.

"On the other hand, throughout the campaign, I have been proposing a consistent strategy involving a referendum of the Iraqi people that is neither 'stay the course' nor 'cut and run.'

p> "Congressman Buyer has a habit of making strange media-attention grabbing statements. He supported the use of nuclear weapons in Afghanistan and falsely claimed to have been activated for military duty in Iraq. This time I am not sure whether his strange comments are an act of desperation and political opportunism right before an election or result from the stress of not campaigning.

"Now the Congressman is claiming that he was speaking 'hypothetically' and was quoted 'out-of-context' and ha 'always supported benchmarks.' The WTHR article makes it clear that he was not quoted out-of-context. Also, Buyer has supplied no evidence that he has 'always supported benchmarks.' The recent statement, 'Everyday, progress is being made by Iraq's "unity" government to carry out the political, military and economic measures needed to stabilize the country," doesn't appear to agree with 'They're not focusing on what I think that theyshould be focusing on.'

"Congressman Buyer should not be able to get away with these stunts like he did after he claimed to have been activated for military duty in Iraq in 2003. The media and the voters should hold him accountable for his words. The 4th District deserves to be represented by a Congressman who is honest with the voters."


In October 2001 U.S. Rep. Steve Buyer said that he would support use of a nuclear device in Afghanistan. Speaking to reporters for WTR at Indianapolis International Airport, Buyer said,"When there are hardened caves that go back a half a mile . . . don't send in Special Forces to sweep. We'd be naive to think biotoxins are not in there. Put in tactical nuclear devices and close these caves for a thousand years."

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